T-mobilitat incorporates the T-casual

T-mobility, the new system for travelling on the public transport system in the Barcelona area, incorporates the T-casual for one zone.

24/05/2022 - 15:49 h - Mobility and transport Ecologia Urbana

Besides the individual travel card for ten journeys, the system is also adding the T-familiar, a multi-user ticket for eight journeys within a 30-day period, also valid across the metropolitan pricing zone.

The two types of ticket join the T-usual and the T-jove for one zone, which are already available, also in their discounted version for large families and single-parent families.

With the inclusion of the T-casual, the most widely used tickets are now available across the metropolitan pricing zone and the 36 municipalities in the Barcelona metropolitan area that it covers.

T-mobility is available on Android mobiles with NFC, and also through the rechargeable card. People who are not using the new system can sign up for it via internet, on the websites for T-mobilitat, TMB and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as at user support points with an appointment.

Source: ATM