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Applying new measures for sport

COVID-19. All sports facilities and installations have been closed. Official competitions are the only events permitted.

The Generalitat of Catalonia has established new measures aimed at containing the propagation of Covid-19. They begin today, 30 October 2020, and will remain in force for at least 15 days. The adopted measures directly affect the sports sector and include the following restrictions:

  • The closure of all sports facilities and installations, including swimming pools. This also includes the closure of all Municipal Sports Centres (CEM) and Municipal Sports Installations (IEM).
  • However, public and private sports development and high-performance centres which have to hold national and international professional training sessions and competitions will remain open.
  • All sports competitions scheduled for this period have been postponed, except for official national, international and professional competitions, which must be held without any spectators.
  • Out-of-school sports activities held outside the educational centre concerned have been suspended. Out-of-school sports activities may only be held within the installations of the educational centre concerned, provided that the bubble group is maintained.
  • Individual outdoor sports activities are permitted from 6 am to 10 pm. In spite of the lockdown declared in the municipality, individual outdoor sports activities between adjacent municipalities will be permitted at the weekend (from 6 am on Friday to 6 am on Monday).