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Barcelona Expat Week, a collaborative project for the international talent ecosystem

Barcelona Expat Week takes a step forward in the grouping and enhancement of international talent compared to its predecessor, the Barcelona International Community Day (BICD).

Barcelona Expat Week takes a step forward in the grouping and enhancement of international talent compared to its predecessor, the Barcelona International Community Day (BICD), as a fair aimed at the foreign community of Barcelona, created to attract talent and create networks.

Barcelona Expat Week has the support of more than 70 organisations without which it would not be possible to carry out this initiative. These companies and organisations offer products and services to expats who land in Barcelona and carry out activities of interest to the international community.

Banco Sabadell has been collaborating with the Barcelona City Council for years in its initiatives for the city’s international community. This company is also known for helping expats to settle in Barcelona through its “Welcome Service”. During the Barcelona Expat Week, Banco Sabadell will offer a “Meet & Share” on how to open a bank account and they will also take part in a workshop dedicated to discovering how to start a business in Barcelona and how to find financing.

Another one of the companies that collaborate with the event is Allianz Care, which has an assistance programme specially created for the international community, with multilingual professionals prepared to answer all questions and guarantee the well-being of expats.

Allianz Care participates in the Barcelona Expat Week by taking part in a webinar dedicated to learning about the keys to post-Covid telework in Barcelona.

Eight years ago, the Barcelona International Schools Association (BISA) was born, an organisation created so that the international educational community could share information and collaborate on projects. During this time, BISA has organised annual international university fairs and student sports tournaments.

In addition, BISA constantly works to collaborate with local government and institutions. So much so, that they will participate in a webinar on which school to choose for your children as part of the Barcelona Expat Week programme.

eres Relocation is a company specialised in caring for newcomers, offering assistance to expats throughout the moving process and also when settling down. For the Barcelona Expat Week, eres Relocation has prepared a workshop called “Checklist for expats when they arrive in Barcelona”, where they will help prioritize the tasks to consider when arriving in a new city.

Mercer is a consultancy specialised in the management and transformation of international talent and will also participate in the opening session of the Barcelona Expat Week.

Katerina Psychopaida, representative of the company and in charge of different initiatives and international engagement programmes in Europe, will accompany Jaume Collboni to talk about the effects that the pandemic and the new reality have had and will have on management, mobility and needs of the international talent.

And if we are talking about international talent and work, we are also talking about Page Personnel. This company specialised in human resources, that works both with companies and individuals, will also take part in the Barcelona Expat Week.

Through a workshop called “Where to find a job in Barcelona?”, Page Personnel will explain to the attendees which profiles are most valued by companies in the city, which are the jobs with the greatest projection or which sectors are looking more actively for international talent.

On the other hand, Barcelona Global and the European Chambers of Commerce in Barcelona respectively coordinate two webinars on the opportunities that Barcelona offers for business and the creation of companies, with the participation of different managers and professionals.

Centre per la Normalització Lingüística de Barcelona (Centre for Linguistic Normalisation of Barcelona) organises two activities to promote the learning of Catalan as a mechanism to enjoy and establish in the city.

During the Barcelona Expat Week, there will also be time to talk about cutting-edge research in the city, which is already a magnet for scientists, with a webinar moderated by Alexis Roig, CEO of SciTech DiploHub.

And that is how the number of collaborators reaches more than 70 organisations.

This high number is a sign of the involvement and consolidation of an extensive network of small, medium and large companies, as well as non-profit organisations and individual professionals who are committed to the cosmopolitan character of the city and contribute to making Barcelona a more global, diverse and attractive city.

Finally, the Barcelona Expat Week has once again the support of La Vanguardia as media partner.