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Brexit becomes one of the main subjects of the Barcelona ICD

Barcelona International Community Day, celebrated last Saturday October, had two activities focused on Brexit.

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union was one of the highlights of this year’s Barcelona International Community Day, with activities focused on offering information and answering questions to everyone affected by it.

Since voting in favour of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union in the referendum of June 23 in 2016, Brexit has made news almost daily. Also, since then, most British residents in Barcelona wondered what paperwork all this would require and what consequences this departure would have, especially if it finally is a “no-deal Brexit”. After months of daily debate and controversial decisions by the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, the date for the Brexit has been postponed again, and the doubts of those who will be affected by remain unsolved.

In this context, the Barcelona International Community Day held last Saturday, October 26, featured two activities about Brexit. The first was a briefing entitled “Brexit: how does it affect us?”, in which the British General Consul in Barcelona, Lloyd Milen, was the main speaker. During this session, Milen made some recommendations and share the latest information regarding Brexit, of which the outcome is still unknown.

After this, attendees had the opportunity to follow the activity “Get ready for Brexit, questions and answers.” Those interested were able to directly access the most up-to-date information from the British Consulate team, simply by approaching the Meeting Point set for the day.

The most frequently asked questions regarding this subject during the Barcelona International Community Day revolved around education, freedom of movement, residence and access to healthcare. Many people approached the Meeting Point to ask what the rights of residents of Barcelona after Brexit will be, how the self-employed workers who offer services to the United Kingdom will be affected by the departure, or if leaving the country of the European Union will change the recognition of academic degrees; amongst many other things.

To ensure good advice to people affected by the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, Barcelona will offer British expats a new information point dedicated exclusively to this subject. It will be known as Brexit Information Point. This new tool will be available both online and offline for consultations from next November 4.

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