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Children’s lockdown drawings now make up an exhibition!

Childhood. The travelling exhibition is based on the emotions shared on the ‘Estimat diari’ website.

The eruption of Covid-19, lockdown and the subsequent return to activity has shaken up our lives and enabled us to rethink them. This is also true for children, who have had to confront many new emotions like everybody else. During the state of emergency, they were able to express their experiences on the ‘Estimat diari’ website, where they shared a hundred drawings, texts and videos. A travelling exhibition has now been created from this valuable material, along with educational materials for schools to work on the emotions.

The exhibition ‘Estimat diari: A history of lockdown’ is a tour of the thoughts and feelings of children during the health crisis, which has posed an emotional challenge for everybody. In addition, by visiting the exhibition we can also discover that expressing our emotions helps us to understand them better.

At the same time, the exhibition is an invitation to talk about our emotions, spontaneously, with those accompanying us, but also in an experiential workshop for children between the ages of 6 and 11. The activity is based on theatre, participation and play, helping us to reflect, share and express everything we feel. Click here to sign up for the workshop.

The exhibition will be on display in the courtyard at the City Hall from 13 to 18 October, coinciding with the Biennial of Thought. It will then travel around various community centres in the city so that schools and families can also see it. All the times, dates and locations will be confirmed on the exhibition website.

Emotional support at schools

Schools also have new educational material available to work with students in their last three years at primary school (aged 9 to 12) on the emotions and memories of lockdown and the return to activity. Entitled ‘Estimada escola, estimat infant’, the learning folder offers an account of personal experiences and at the same time promotes reflection and the active role of children.