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Meet the 9 host ambassadors of Barcelona Expat Week

With different backgrounds and profiles, inspiring personal paths and successful careers, these 9 host ambassadors are the face of the new virtual meetup boosted by Barcelona City Council aimed at the international community.

With different backgrounds and profiles, inspiring personal paths and successful careers, these 9 host ambassadors are the face of the new virtual meetup boosted by Barcelona City Council aimed at the international community.

The Barcelona Expat Week will take place from October 19th to the 23rd 2020. It’s an online meeting that presents a complete programme of activities to cater for the needs and interests of the international community that lives and works in Barcelona.

To spread the word, Barcelona City Council presents nine host ambassadors that will play a key role in this new initiative. They are professionals of different sectors and backgrounds who share their condition of expats in Barcelona and their love for this city, where they decided to stay to carry out their life projects. With an experience that spans over 15 to 30 years as expats in Barcelona, they are all expert voices that will share their points of view through different activities.

Andrew Funk comes from USA and has been living in Barcelona for 17 years. Here he started giving English classes and even got to fund his own language school. But, after an economic crisis, his professional career shifted to create Homeless Entrepreneur, an association that strives to help homeless people to go back to work. He will speak about it during Barcelona Expat Week, where he will share this project that balances entrepreneurship with social justice.

Aleksandar Ivancic is an engineer and researcher specialized in renewable energies. In 1991 he arrived in Barcelona from Serbia with his wife and his first son. In these almost 30 years he has developed his whole career in the energy and environment sector in Barcelona, where he now works as a teacher in the Architecture’s master’s degree of La Salle University. He will take part in the upcoming Barcelona Expat Week on Wednesday as a participant in a round table focused on cutting-edge research, one of the strategic values of Barcelona’s economy.

From Germany came Christoph Himmelskamp 20 years ago. He’s from a small town near Bremen and, since 2000, lives in Barcelona, where he is now the head manager of the law firm Roëdl & Partners Barcelona. Father of 4 children, he has brought them to the German School, of which he has been honorary president. On Thursday 22nd of October he will talk about “Barcelona city of opportunities” in the eponymous round table within the Barcelona Expat Week.

Creativity marks the career of de Karlijn Surminski. A true Picasso and Barcelona lover, she decided to make this city her own 13 years ago, leaving the Netherlands behind. This Dutch artist paints and also gives art classes to children and adults. She will share the inspiration she gets from Barcelona in an online session on Friday 23rd October.

Lynn Wong presents a totally different profile. Born in Singapur, she has lived in big cities like Los Angeles and Paris until she got to Barcelona in 1999 and decided to stay. Her career moves between business and communication as she is the cofounder of the Eventoplus Group, specialized in major events. Lynn will take part in a webinar on woman’s entrepreneurship, along with other suceessful entrepreneurs like Mar Alarcón (Socialcar).

Patricia Radovic is what one may consider to be a woman of the world. She was born in Peru, has Italian origins and currently is the General Secretary of the Casa degli Italiani in Barcelona, the oldest Italian association in the world. Patricia has lived in different countries and in 2000 landed in Barcelona, where she has carried out a successful career in marketing and communications in different artistic, musical and cultural events like the Fòrum de les Cultures in 2004. She will share her experience on Friday 23rd in the online round table “Discover Barcelona through its people” along with other host ambassadors.

Digital talent is legion among the expat community living and working in Barcelona. The French Ronan Bardet is part of this group and has over 15 years of experience as an ecommerce professional. As an expert in finding ecommerce tech solutions for retailers, he has worked with leaders in the sector like Pixmania until he decided 10 years ago to fund the ecommerce community Club Ecommerce and EGI Booster, a commercial accelerator focused on companies and startups of this boosting sector. On Tuesday October 20th, Ronan will talk about job opportunities for Barcelona’s digital talent in a round table alongside other top professionals.

The Swedish Sara Larsson arrived in Barcelona 20 years ago with the aim of travelling the world, but she felt so at ease here that decided to stay. In Barcelona she has been able to combine her two big passions: photography and food. Professionally, she now works as a product, gastronomy and still life photographer and shares her work on Instagram, where she’s followed by an ever-growing community. She will share her outlook on Barcelona in the activity ‘Discover Barcelona through its people’ where we’ll be able to discover, with her, some Insta-worthy secret spots of the city.

Last but not least, Lucre Mba Ndong comes from Equatorial Guinea. She came to Barcelona when she was a child but has never lost her roots. On the contrary, she has devoted her professional career to spread and dignify African culture. She is the cofounder of the SOS Africa association and creator in 2012 of the Africa Fashion Week Barcelona, a catwalk that is now a reference of African fashion in the world. Lucre will bring her point of view in the same activity as Sara Larsson and Patricia Radovic. Moderated by María José Gómez, director of the leisure and culture leader magazine TimeOut Barcelona, this round table will close the Barcelona Expat week on Friday 23rd afternoon.

In the next few days you can check out the rest of the activities within the programme on the Barcelona Expat Week website. And discover the latest news on this online initiative through our social media channels and monthly newsletter. You can sign up here.