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New cycle of interculturality activities at the LGBTI Centre

LGBTI. The municipal facility is organising various activities from 10 February to 30 April to reflect on the reality of racialised or migrant LGBTI people.

‘LGBTI Interculturailty. Dialogues for a plural memory’ is a three-month cycle exploring topics such as homonationalism, black anti-racism and feminist movements, trans struggles in Latin America and the invisibilisation of Roma people in the LGBTI community, with a programme of talks, exhibitions, workshops and many other activities.

The LGBTI Centre presents the cycle ‘LGBTI Interculturality. Dialogues for a plural memory’ with the BCN Interculturality programme, offering debate and reflection on various realities affecting racialised or migrant LGBTI people. The cycle includes over twenty activities in a wide variety of formats, the aim being to foster participation and dialogue.

The programme goes on until 30 April and includes activities by other entities and cultural initiatives, such as the Residència Faber d’Olot, the Casal Lambda and the Cicle de Cinema Africà i Dona (CCAD).

See the full programme in the agenda for the LGBTI Centre.

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