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Talent and entrepreneurship, pillars of the Barcelona Expat Week programme

The digital encounter will last 5 days and it will feature experts and hosts that will share their experience with the attendees.

The digital encounter will last 5 days, it’s organised by topics and it will feature experts and hosts that will share their experience with the attendees.

Barcelona Expat Week, a new online event that was born as an alternative to the Barcelona International Community Day fair, is getting closer and it will take place between October 19 and 23.

Throughout the week, experts in different areas will share their knowledge and experience with the attendees. For example, Raisa Venermo and Lourdes Santiesteban, partners in Avanlanding, will talk about the procedures that newcomers have to go through; Gyzem Baykal, Senior Manager at Page Personnel, will explain where to find work in Barcelona; and the president of Barcelona Metropolitan, Víctor Horcasitas, will share how to build a business network in the city, to name a few.

In addition, the Barcelona Expat Week will also feature host ambassadors: expats with diverse profiles who have settled in the city and who have turned Barcelona into their home. All of them will share their experiences and their vision throughout the week. To attend (virtually) you only need to sign up through this form.

Barcelona Expat Week programme

Barcelona Expat Week has a hybrid format, where most of the activities are digital and are organized depending on the type of activity and topic. Each day will be focused on a specific subject and it will have different blocks of activities grouped per type.

Monday 19th will be dedicated to personal landing and there will be talks where useful information will be given for people who have just arrived in Barcelona. They will explain, for example, how to open a bank account, how to find a flat or how to find the perfect school for your children.

Work and training will be the leitmotif on Tuesday, since the current situation has led to a significant change when it comes to working and looking for work. Attendees will be able to receive advice to find a job through Linkedin or learn the keys to teleworking, among others.

Wednesday will be the day to talk about talent without borders in Barcelona. Throughout the day there will be various talks and round tables on how to maximize and promote talent in our city. In addition, part of the day will be dedicated to talking about women’s professional networks and female entrepreneurship.

Thursday will be dedicated to doing business and entrepreneurship in Barcelona, with talks and webinars to analyse the resources to create a company in the city. There will be workshops to discover the keys to starting a business in Barcelona and how to seek funding, and the importance of the culture of failure will be another subject to be discussed, among others.

The last day, Friday 23rd, will be dedicated to discovering how to enjoy the city and discovering the cultural potential of Barcelona. Throughout the day there will be activities that seek to inspire attendees and show all the possibilities that the city offers to residents.

Each day will begin with online and real-time workshops where various practical aspects will be covered. The day will continue with the “Meet & Share”, live interactive sessions with experts, testimonies and other interesting people to learn, discuss and dialogue on different topics. The afternoons will be for webinars, which translates into lectures and round tables broadcast digitally and in real time.

In addition, every evening there will be a face-to-face meeting in different emblematic buildings of the city to encourage personal exchange. Due to the current situation, there will be a limited capacity and it will be necessary to register in advance. These meetings are subject to cancellation due to the evolution of Covid-19 related regulations.