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The annual blood donation marathon returns

City Council. At the city’s main hospitals from 8 to 15 January.

The Covid-19 pandemic means the demand for blood in hospitals is high, with current reserves sufficient to provide for five days instead of the optimum level of ten. The Catalan Blood Donation Marathon is on at the city’s main hospitals from 8 to 15 January. Donors should request an appointment to avoid build-ups of people.

Using the slogan ‘Giving blood is another reel’, the marathon adopts film as its theme, with donors able to book slots on the website as if they were reserving seats at the cinema.

Donors will also be received with a red carpet and get popcorn inside donation rooms. While they give blood, or afterwards, they can also take selfies with posters featuring legendary film quotes adapted to the theme of giving blood.

The website will also be offering various trailers throughout the week, featuring the stories of donors and recipients.