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Women in business and women entrepreneurs in the international community

Committed to female talent, Barcelona Expat Week will devote some sessions to women entrepreneurs, women’s leadership and professional networks to boost the networking among women.

One of the aims of Barcelona City Council, through its economic development agency Barcelona Activa and some of its specific programmes, is to boost the presence of women in business and in the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem. That’s why it has prepared some online sessions focused on women in business and women entrepreneurship in the upcoming Barcelona Expat Week for them to share their experience and tips, while the attendees can broaden their professional networks through this new virtual platform.

The importance of your professional network

Professional networks are always important, but maybe among professional women there are even more paramount. On Wednesday 21st you will be able to discover the benefits of networking through the experience of professional expat women established in Barcelona who belong to top leader women associations like Professional Women’s Network (PWN), Eje&Con, Lean In Barcelona and 50 a 50. It’s a session that will offer the possibility of real networking and that can sure help you in the next steps of your professional career in the city.

Women entrepreneurs

Also, on Wednesday 21st there will be a hybrid session organized by Womanthon. With the aim of giving visibility to women in the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem, meet expat women entrepreneurs in Barcelona and boost networking, the session will kick off with a round table featuring five women entrepreneurs who have set up successful business projects like Mar Alarcón, of SocialCar and the host ambassador Lynn Wong, of Eventoplus. Afterwards, there will be a coaching activity to offer a real learning to the attendees and, to close, a networking dynamic. In addition, on Thursday 22nd will be able to know first hand the experience of different Asian women entrepreneurs established in Barcelona through a round table moderated by Gaëlle Patin Laloy, from Casa Asia. It’s a session in a dynamic and interactive format that will also include the questions of the public. To take part, you only need to register for free through Barcelona Expat Week’s official website and sign up for the activity.