Digital certificate

Updated 10/2021

Digital document containing an individual’s identity details and which enables all kinds of formalities to be completed over the Internet

  • What do you need to know?
  • What do you need to do?


Its period of VALIDITY is between 3 and 4 YEARS, depending on the issuing body

It can be applied for at ANY TIME

It is applied for IN PERSON

What is it?

The digital certificate is the identification mechanism used to handle transactions with public authorities (such as filing tax returns and paying taxes and consulting and registering on the register of residents) and also with private bodies over the Internet..

Important information

The digital document enables all kinds of formalities to be completed online with full legal guarantees, ensuring that transmission is confidential and that no third party can access the information or change it. Apart from identifying individuals, it also enables electronic documents to be signed with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

You can use the link to the official page of the Spanish National Mint's website (available in English, Catalan, Spanish and Spain´s other co-official languages).

Who does it apply to?

It is for any Spanish or foreign national who wants to prove their identity securely over the Internet.

Who should apply for it?

The application should be submitted in person by the certificate holder, in order to prove their identity, or via a duly accredited representative.

What requirements must be met?
  • You must be of legal age or an emancipated minor.
Which body is responsible for the formality?

Spanish National Mint (Spanish Government)

What advice and suggestions could help you?
  • Having a digital certificate means you can save having to go in person to various bodies to complete formalities. Therefore, obtaining the certificate once you are settled in the city is recommended.
  • If your certificate is revoked, for any reason, it cannot be reactivated. You have to apply for a new certificate.
  • The email address appearing on the certificate cannot be changed. If you wish to change it, you need to apply for a new certificate.
  • Depending on the issuer, the certificate may be valid for between three and four years.

What do you need to do?

In person

The digital certificate is obtained in person. Even so, the application is started over the Internet, by accessing the Spanish National Mint website.

What steps should you take to apply for the digital certificate for individuals?

Configure the browser

To avoid problems with the certificate application process, you need to choose a number of settings in the browser beforehand. These settings vary depending on the browser.

To get to know about the specific procedure in each case, go the Spanish National Mint website (available in English, Catalan, Spanish and Spain's other co-official languages).

Before beginning the process, it is advisable to download the most up-to-date version of the browser.

In between the application process and certificate download, you cannot format or update your computer.

The entire process for obtaining the certificate must be done from the same computer, with the same user and browser.

Fill in the request to apply for the certificate

Once the browser is configured, you need to fill in the Internet application for the certificate by entering the following information:

  • Identity document number (tax identification number or identity number for foreign nationals).
  • First surname.
  • An email address.

When you have entered all the information, you need to send the request and accept confirmation of the application.

The identity document number must be nine characters long. If necessary, enter it putting zeros on the left-hand side.

You need to ensure that the email is correct, as this is the means by which all notifications will be sent.

When the application process has finished, you will receive an application code by email which will be requested when you prove your identity and also later, when you download the certificate.

Consult the most suitable office and request an appointment (as appropriate)

When you have the application code, you need to go to a registry office to prove your identity.

The registry offices for the certificate are Social Security offices and Tax Office branches and offices.

To find the office which would be easiest for you, you can consult the location service for the nearest registry offices. 

You need to request an appointment beforehand at Tax Office branches and at some Social Security offices.

  • To arrange an appointment with the Tax Office, you need to access the relevant website (All formalities > Other services > Appointments) or call 901 200 351 or 912 901 340.
  • To make an appointment with Social Security, you need to go to the relevant electronic office (Citizens > Appointments for Pensions and Other Benefits).

In the event that you are abroad when you apply, you can go to the Spanish consular offices in the country you are in.

Go to the place indicated and submit the documentation

Once you have looked into the offices, or have arranged an appointment beforehand (where necessary) you, or your authorised representative, should go to the registry office chosen to submit the documentation.

To prove your identity, you need to provide the following:

  • The application code.
  • A valid, current identity document (Spanish national identity document, passport, driving licence, identity number for foreign nationals or certificate of registration as an EU national, along with the passport or identity document from the country of origin).
  • In the event that the documentation is submitted by a representative, authorisation signed by the holder must also be provided.
Download the certificate

Having proved your identity at the registry office, you need to download the certificate as soon as possible and install it on your computer, using the application code.

In order to download it, you need to use the same computer, same browser and the same username you used to make the application. You also need to enter the required data, just like you did when you made the application.

Once the form is completed, you need to accept the terms of use for the certificate and download it.

If the process is successful, it will send you to a page with information about the certificate.

Finally, you need to install the digital certificate program and you can use it every time you open the browser.

In the event that you lose the application code, you need to request a new code and do the in-person accreditation process once again.

It is advisable to make a back up copy of the certificate on an external storage device.