“Barcelona Activa connects you”

The new campaign targets those still unfamiliar with Barcelona Activa and explains all the services offered.

23/05/2022 - 17:05 h - Enterprise Ajuntament de Barcelona

Previous campaigns by Barcelona Activa have targeted specific groups such as young people, women, entrepreneurs or the unemployed, or focused on the launch of specific services, facilities or projects. Examples include the “Llança’t” programme for the self-employed, the “Crea feina” programme for companies taking on employees and the “Impulsem el que fas” programme for economic projects in the neighbourhoods.

The new campaign seeks to promote a joint vision with a single image of the agency’s services, with slight variations in colours and people in the foreground to show a generic and diverse target use, and a specific character according to the districts. The goal is to explain the facilities and activities in different areas of the city.

The campaign corresponds to the increase and improvement in communication channels between the economic agency and citizens. These include a unique freephone number (900 533 175), WhatsApp lines for young people, lines for specific programmes, the renewed website with uses adapted to new times and the round-the-clock personalised support service for entrepreneurs.

Initiatives connecting users with experts have also been bolstered through mentoring, and also on social media with the creation of podcasts and content to be broadcast on different platforms.

Thirty-five years backing people and businesses

Barcelona Activa has been helping people and businesses for 35 years, the goal being a city with a better-trained population, lower unemployment and quality jobs, and to offer companies more spaces to grow in and more business opportunities.

The economic promotion agency provides assistance for over 50,000 people and between 5,000 and 10,000 businesses every year. In 2021, some 49% of individuals and 45% of companies who received support and services were first-time users.

According to the municipal Òmnibus survey, some 74% of people in Barcelona are familiar with Barcelona Activa, mainly by word of mouth, thanks to people who have taken part in programmes and services and have recommended them.

The best-known advice and support services relate to job-hunting (42%), training courses (32%) and support for the creation and growth of businesses (32%).

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