Municipal election results 2023

The list headed by Xavier Trias received the largest share of the vote, with 22.42%, meaning that Trias per BCN – CM obtained 11 councillors. Trias was followed by the PSC-PC, with 19.79%, Barcelona en Comú, with 19.77%, ERC-AM with 11.22%, PP with 9.21% and Vox, with 5.7%, the latter gaining representation on the City Council for the first time.

29/05/2023 - 09:53 h - Elections 2023 Ajuntament de Barcelona

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the results from the municipal elections held all around Spain mean the make-up for the next term of office (2023 to 2027) for the Full Barcelona City Council is as follows:
Trias per BCN – CM (Xavier Trias): 11 councillors and 149,235 votes (22.42%)

  • PSC-PC (Jaume Collboni): 10 councillors and 131,735 votes (19.79%)
  • Barcelona en Comú – C (Ada Colau): 9 councillors and 131,594 votes (19.77%)
  • ERC-AM (Ernest Maragall): 5 councillors and 74,720 votes (11.22%)
  • PP (Daniel Sirera): 4 councillors and 61,355 votes (9.21%)
  • Vox (Gonzalo de Oro-Pulido): 2 councillors and 37,937 votes (5.7%)

The City Council will therefore be formed by six political forces which obtained more than the 5% of the vote needed to gain representation.

Check the results of call candidacies for Barcelona City Council on the Ministry of the Interior website.