"Alauda Teatro: The Puppet Circus” Show dins del "MAC Festival"

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Alauda Teatro: The Puppet Circus (Castille and Leon; theatre, marionettes, +4 years)

Welcome to The Puppet Circus, the best show with the best artists! The Fakir Ravi Ghiringh, snake charmer and flyer of magic carpets, who has arrived from India with a bed of nails under his arm; Karina Kurisha, a prima donna as skilled in bel canto as she is in transformism; Fada Betelgeuse, who has travelled from the land of brochures; and The Boston Sisters, twin trapeze artists. That’s the Alauda Teatro string-puppet circus, a group that have made their stamp even more difficult .

With over twenty years’ experience exploring the world of marionettes, Alauda creates artistically fascinating show of great educational value. Prepare yourselves to see the greatest prodigies in a little circus ring that, thanks to the talent and careful work of its creators and the charisma of Mario Net, the master of ceremonies, becomes enormous!

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona