"Balago: El demà" concert, part of "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Balago (Barcelona; experimental electronica): El Demà

[The Tomorrow] It's hard to think of a better title for this Balago album than the one they chose for their sixth album, released 17 years after their debut, Erm (2001), and five years following Darder (2013), their acclaimed latest album until now. El demà (2018) perfectly resumes the spirit of David Crespo’s project, a name that linked to the eternal and yet ungarishly avant-garde nature of an environmental electronica half-way between electronica and analogical obsession. El demà, foreshadowed in Balago’s foggy textures, doesn’t augur much of a bright future for us: more desperate than melancholic, more distressing than contemplative. But it does promise an exciting live performance that will remind you at times of Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Arvo Pärt, and even (uh-oh) John Carpenter, Angelo Badalamenti, Burial and Forest Swords.

Friday 21 September
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Friday 9 pm

Free admission