Concert "Aiko el grupo"

Aiko el grupo


Aiko el grupo is a real Rrriot-punk dream come true. This quartet formed of Tere (guitar and vocals), Barbara (keyboard and vocals), Lara (guitar and vocals) and Jaime (drums and vocals) released their first mini LP, Va totalmente en serio..., in 2020, which sold out almost immediately. More recently, they have been captivating us with a number of singles released in 2023, such as Peñacastillo, Toro and K pesao.

Their songs are fun, full of personality and loaded with an unashamedly acid humour. Their live performances are scorching, full of energy. With the distortion pedal cranked to 11, lots of energy and an unstoppable attitude, they are a juggernaut of youth, freshness and, very often, rage. A mixture of emotions that remind us of groups like Veronica Falls, Le Tigre or Bikini Kill.

And now, get ready because Aiko el grupo is back to make the stage shake and dazzle us with their talent at the BAM Festival 2023. An opportunity not to be missed in which all music lovers will find themselves dancing and singing along right from the first note. Bring your friends along and enjoy a performance that will leave you wanting more.

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    • Carrer del Rosselló, 515
    • Eixample
    • la Sagrada Família
    • 08025 Barcelona

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