“Dame Area” concert

Dame Area


Dame Area is going to perform at the 2023 BAM Festival, a duo with Silvia Konstance and Viktor L. Crux in the lead who offer a fusion of live synthesisers and percussion, combining industrialism and tribalism in a unique sound experience.

Some people describe them as a tribal wave, others as Latin EBM, others techno-punk and yet others industrial post-punk. But their music has neither borders nor labels; it is a free expression that takes us to unknown places and connects their audiences with primordial beats.

Ever since they were launched in 2018, they have performed constantly around Europe, bringing their music to the most diverse stages and conquering all kinds of audiences with their fascinating sound.

Their previous album, Ondas Tribales, released by Berlin’s Mannequin Records in April 2021, flew off the shelves in a matter of months, and now it has been reissued so their fans can continue to enjoy it.

Get ready for a vibrant musical experience in which synthesisers team up with energetic percussion so you can dance uninhibitedly and explore new sound dimensions.

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    • Rbla Raval, 12
    • Ciutat Vella
    • el Raval
    • 08001 Barcelona

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