"Banda Municipal de Barcelona: Concert de la Mercè: miscel·lània de cultures”, as part of "La Mercè és Música"

Barcelona Municipal Band: Concert de la Mercè: miscel·lània de cultures (Barcelona; symphonic)

A city's major festivals always highlight the most meaningful parts of a culture, those that help to define it, and that have deep roots. The Banda Municipal de Barcelona, conducted by José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, today performs music created by different peoples, all with very different perspectives, in order to pay tribute to the rich treasure house that is traditional music. Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Bulgaria – so many diverse styles of music, together with our own sardanes, are an invitation to travel to different parts of the world in difficult times such as those we are living in now, where social distance makes shared values more necessary than ever. Perhaps music is one of the keys that can help us to understand ourselves, and to think about the future. It's time to party: enjoy!

Wednesday 23 September
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Wednesday at 8.45 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required