"Black and Blue + Ual·la", as part of the MAC Festival

Robert Gobern Company: Majordoms i minyones del Palauet Albéniz (Catalonia)
Butlers and maids at the Palauet Albèniz (Catalonia)
If you visit the Palauet Albéniz during the festa major festivities, you may have to queue for a little while, but we can tell you right now that you will not regret it, because you will be in particularly fun company: a team of very resourceful professional maids and butlers. Will they lay the table or put on a concert? Come and see them and you’ll find out.

Black & Blue: Black & Blue (Catalonia/Mexico)
Blues, cha-cha-cha, boleros... You will never want the side-splitting concert by this pair of clowns whose eccentricities can turn a musical performance into a festival of laughter to come to an end. As they themselves say, the whole thing is a ‘bewildering concert’ in which not only will you be able to hear a delightful medley of classics but you will also enjoy the eccentricities of the two odd characters performing them. Let the show begin!

Ual·la!: Play (Barcelona)
How? Don’t you know what table music is? That’s because you haven’t seen Alba Rubió and Modesto Lai in action yet. These two actors and musicians invite you to review a variety of genres ranging from hip-hop and other urban rhythms to bossa nova through surprising vocal polyphonies, showing the extraordinary possibilities of the table they are sitting at for the world of percussion. An invitation to play by linking very different elements without a specific meaning, exploring creative possibilities and embracing diverse and beautiful forms of the reality that surrounds us.

Thursday 24 September
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Thursday 5.15 pm - 8 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required