"Camané” concert, part of "Mercè Music; Fado Night"

Camané (Lisbon; fado)

Fado sometimes seems to be a sound designed to be performed by women, given the genre's prevalence of women singers. But there are figures and singers like Camané who debunk all that and show that male singers are a force to be reckoned with. Often sporting a jacket but always singing songs with carefully crafted lyrics that are pure poetry, he makes use of his privileged voice to take his audiences on a voyage through the world of emotions, sometimes happy, because, as he points out, fado isn’t necessarily sad. Of course, this artist, who’s has been called "the Sinatra of fado” on occasions, has a voice where music is always intimate and elegant. Does he look familiar to you? You might have seen him in Carlos Saura’s film Fados.

Friday 21 September
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Friday 12.15 am

Free admission