"Candeleros" concert, within "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Madrid (Latin / Tropical / Caribbean).

This quintet from Madrid wants to bring the public together using dance and Afrocaribbean sounds played with guitar, percussion and voice, and combining folklore and modernity into a psychedelic ritual The five Candeleros come from places where rhythm is marked by drums, cumbia and sound, but it is in the capital of Spain where their paths meet and they come together as members of the great Latin American family. Their musical offerings, with nuances and eclecticism, has led them to play at various events with their tropical music in Madrid and in the rest of Spain, as well as at international events such as the Sziget Festival in Budapest and the Muevelo! festival in Paris If you think that cumbia will set us free, then you're just as Candeleros as they are!

Friday 21 September
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Friday at 10.00pm

Free Admission