Concert: "31 FAM" dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Pg Marítim del Bogatell, 80
Day and time
fri 23 · 21:45
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Mediterraniàment Stage

31 FAM (Catalonia; trap/dancehall/funk/R&B)

Make way for one of the leading formations on the national urban music scene today. They are Kid Pi, Koalekay, Lil Didi, Joey C, AAA and Bandam, and they have been music to the ears of young people since 2018, based on beats ranging from trap, dancehall and reggaeton to funk and R&B. They sing in Catalan, Spanish and English, with songs about everyday life. Their latest album, Jetlag, shows they have acquired a greater maturity. The album contains more organic instruments than ever, including guitars and pianos, with songs about love and heartbreak, pending journeys and the afterlife. But the band has never stopped, and now it is back with new songs; danceable, seductive urban numbers that they have been performing live for months. These new songs include Wan Tun, a powerful reggaeton that invites you to party and make the most of the good summer weather... to dance non-stop to the latest creations of this Sabadell band.

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    Pg Marítim del Bogatell, 80

    Sant Martí

    el Poblenou

    08005 Barcelona

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