Concert: Ana Rossi: Una casa dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Av Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 132
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fri 23 · 21:45
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Ana Rossi: Una casa (Argentina/Barcelona; Latin American and Iberian folk)

This Argentinian-born artist has lived in Barcelona since 2000, where she has continued to expand her music studies and initiated an artistic career which is influenced by popular Argentinian and Brazilian music as well as music with folk roots, from both Latin America and the Iberian peninsula. Indeed, you may have heard her collaborating on records by Coetus, the Iberian percussion orchestra founded in 2008 by the percussionist Aleix Tobias; or playing with UNA, the string and vocals quartet that plays popular Latin American music; performing tangos with Marcelo Mercadante and his Quinteto Porteño (tango), or placing her talent at the disposal of musicians such as Gafieira Miúda, Marta Roma and Elisabet Raspall.Iri

During La Mercè, Ana Rossi will be performing numbers from Una casa [A House], her new album released this summer, which includes her own compositions and one cover version. It was produced by Ana Rossi, María di Pace and Dave Biachi, and in collaboration with a series of great artists, including Rita Payés, on trombone. It was produced between Argentina and Catalonia, and is considered to be a metaphor of that private space that protects and defines us. Stroll through the rooms of this sound space and you will find the artist's own compositions, revealing her interest in popular words and music, songs which speak of folklore from Latin America and the Iberian peninsula, popular Brazilian music and ballads. With Ana Rossi, guitar and vocals; María di Pace, guitars, programming and effects; Aleix Tobias, percussion and drums; Antonio Mazzei, piano, and Juan Pablo Balcázar, double bass.

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    Av Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 132


    el Guinardó

    08041 Barcelona

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