Concert: Anna Tréa dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Av Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 132
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sat 24 · 23:30
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Anna Tréa (Brazil / Barcelona; world music)

She is a well-known Brazilian singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been living in Barcelona for some time. She is especially well known for her mastery of the guitar, but on her first album, entitledClareia, she composed, arranged and recorded all the instruments, proving her musical versatility. In a rasping voice, she performs songs with intense, poetic lyrics, which she accompanies on guitar, played in such a personal style and with such technical virtuosity that it sometimes seems like a percussion instrument. The audience connects with her through her expressive body language, but especially via music which covers all the Brazilian styles (baiao, samba, maracatu, maculelê cordão de ouro, boi maranhense, sambareggae, etc.), but also includes the blues, folk, groove and African rhythms. Lately, the artist has been collaborating with local artists, like the pianist Clara Peya, and in this concert she is performing some especially fresh numbers; unexpected arrangements that transform great classics of world music, as well as the songs that have made her well-known in Brazil... and in Barcelona. In her La Mercè concert, where she is playing in a quintet, she may perform some of the songs from ... respiro (2021), her latest album, which is the soundtrack for a show of the same name, composed together with the musician and producer Kabé Pinheiro.

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    Av Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 132


    el Guinardó

    08041 Barcelona

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