Concert "Banda Municipal de Barcelona: Concert de la Mercè. Aniversaris i festa gran" dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Pl Major de Nou Barris, 1
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Thu 23 · 20:45
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Banda Municipal de Barcelona: Concert de la Mercè. Aniversaris i festa gran (Barcelona; symphonic)

A festival is a meeting point for people who are celebrating something and there is an atmosphere of collective joy that’s often interwoven with the sound of music. At the Concert de la Mercè, the Banda Municipal de Barcelona will be commemorating several anniversaries at the city’s biggest festival: from 150 years of the Festa de la Mercè itself, which coincides with the birth of the great Catalan composer Amadeu Vives, to the centenary of Juny an emblematic sardana byJuli Garreta. As festival companions, the march Mi Barcelona, which combines the festival of the town of Alcoi with that of Barcelona, the La Fiesta Mexicana symphony, which recalls another celebration in honour of the Virgin Mary, this one from the land of the Aztecs, as well of course as the sardanes, including a premiere: the band version of Porta Ferrada, originally written by composer Ros-Marbà and adapted by Jordi León. Let’s party, and let’s do it together: it’s much more fun that way. A musical celebration from the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, conducted by José R. Pascual-Vilaplana.

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    Pl Major de Nou Barris, 1

    Nou Barris

    la Guineueta

    08042 Barcelona

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