Concert 'Cadena 100' amb "Eivibonny", "Edurne", "Carlos Baute" i "Miquel Abras", dins de "Les Ràdios de la Mercè"


21 h Eivibonny (Catalonia; folk-rock)
Awakening the inner innermost of all we carry inside. It is the objective of Eivibonny, a rock and folk project that has as references bands such as Green Day and Mumford & Sons, and that in late 2018 he released Cor valent lasting long.

22.45 h Edurne (Madrid; pop-rock)
Singer, model, presenter ... This artist we met thanks to Operation Triunfo is the proof that dreams come true. As a child, he spent the day with the karaoke, and now he has released six albums, performs musical debut, and sings with Carlos Baute one of the songs of the summer, Too late.

23.30 h Carlos Baute (Venezuela; Latin pop)
From the small that is on the stage and has a talent out of size, so it is not strange that you should not stop the successes, sell records and collaborate with the best known artists: from Marta Sánchez to Edurne . This year, he released Love and Pain, the number eleven of his career.

1.30 pm Miquel Abras (Catalunya, song)
With the tour "Fills of the Sea Tour", the musician of La Bisbal takes us to a world of emotions. Nostalgia, love, claim and hope in a concert in which the classics of the artist are not lacking, nor any tribute to the musicians that he most admires.

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Friday 20 September
Fridayat 9:00 p.m.

Free entrance

at 10:45 p.m.Edurne
at 11:30 p.m.Carlos Baute
at 01:30 p.m.Miquel Abras