Concert "Conan Osiris", dins del "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Conan Osiris (Portugal; Hip-Hop / Fado / Electronica).

It is called irresponsible, extravagant and transgressor. The singer-songwriter, dancer and self-taught Portuguese composer, Tiago Miranda, is hiding under the artistic name of "Conan Osiris", inspired by cartoon heroes and Egyptian mythology. His music perfectly represents the cultural mix of Portugal, with echoes of hip hop, fado, electronics, gypsy music, Arab sounds and provocative images of Bollywood. His musical style difficult to define and personality make their direct breaks outlines and leave no one indifferent. In Barcelona, he will present Adoro Bolos , his third album, considered "the best disc of 2018 in Portugal" by the specialized critic.
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Friday 20 September
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Friday at 00:00 a.m.

Free entrance