Concert Concurs Sona9, dins del "Música Mercè"

Sona9 Contest (Catalonia)

Some of the most popular names on the Catalan music scene have been announced in this contest, which has been held since 2001 and organized by the Enderrock Group, Catalunya Ràdio and TV3 with the support of various organizations and institutions, Discover new values in any musical style.

6.45pm. Grup de Reforç (pop, Vilassar de Mar). Simple pop and lo-fi key is the identity of the quartet of Vilassar de Mar. Grup de Reforç makes imaginative pieces that adhere to daily and playful realism through sound capsules that remember bands of the beloved Donosti Sound.

7.30pm. Urpa (pop-rock, Barcelona). From the melodic pop and softcore of the nineties, Urpa was born, a dissonant quintet that seeks beauty in the nerve and intensity in calmness. Barcelona people make the combination of rhythms an explosion of songs with their own personality.

8.15pm. Relat (reggae dub, Tortellà). Relat is a group that fuses the genre of reggae and dub with electronic music. Influenced by the rude boy's youth movement, the band from the region of La Garrotxa deepens the Caribbean rhythms in an original and personal way.

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Monday 23 September
monday at 6.45pm

Free entrance

Grup de reforç
at 7.30 pm Urpa
at 8.15pm Relat