Concert "DASA: canciones para (no) estar triste", dins de "Música Mercè"

DASA: songs to (not) be sad (Catalunya; soft-pop).

Using the voice and keyboard, DASA, a young artist with only 18 years of age, presents us with his inner world and speaks to us, in about ten songs in English, Spanish and Catalan, about personal and fictitious experiences. "La de la Dakota", the real name of an artist with origins in Equatorial Guinea, but born in Ripollet, is a soft-pop proposal. In the beginning of 2019, this interpreter and composer, with a lot of relationship with Espai Jove Garcilaso, decided to present some of his songs at the Brot festival, where he was a finalist.
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Friday 20 September
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Friday at 9:00 p.m.

Free entrance