Concert: "Diversorium" dins del "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Rbla Raval, 12
Day and time
fri 23 · 21:00
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“Diversorium. Artes vivas y espacio de convivencias” (Living arts and convivial space) also wants to create, in BAM, an intersectional festival space for all bodies. A symbolic opening ceremony to find performance, music and dance, to learn and unlearn the multiple possibilities of being and being with the other. An Antonio Centeno and María Oliver project created with the desire to mover towards new forms of relationship and connection between all people with Brigitte Vasallo, Oyirum, Osias Yanov, Jaume Girbau and Carla Caríssima, Vaginoplastia and Mariokissme.

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    Rbla Raval, 12

    Ciutat Vella

    el Raval

    08001 Barcelona

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