Concert "Dorian en La Mercè", dins de "Música Mercè"

Dorian: Dorian at La Mercè (Barcelona; indie / pop / electronic / new wave).

One of the most representative bands of the Barcelona indie scene goes up to the beach at the Bogatell beach to celebrate a long race. They were born in 2004 delivering an electronic pop in Spanish and contaminated with new wave. And this sound made them popular in a Barcelona that, in those years, was given to rock, preferably sung in English. In 2018, they released their latest work so far: "Universal Justice".

Poetry, electronics and some messages with a certain political content have been the constant in the trajectory of a band that in 2018 delivered this "Universal Justice", with popular topics such as "White Nights", which, by the way, takes the title from a Dostoyevski story.
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Friday 20 September
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Friday at 11:30 p.m.

Free entrance