Concert "El Petit de Cal Eril: Energia fosca", dins de "Música Mercè"

El Petit de Cal Eril: Dark Energy (Catalonia; rock / pop / folk / indie).

The new album by El Petit de Cal Eril, the musical project promoted by Joan Pons, is called "Dark Energy." But, despite the title, the same artist considers that this work is his most positive creation. Here, the musician of La Segarra, the author of a very personal mix of folk, rock and psychedelia (someone has said that he makes metaphysical pop), disassembles the most complex sound of his previous work (Triangular), betting on free themes of " additions, eight creations such as "Siento", "You are an idea" or "Dark energy", which combine light and optimism with the disturbing atmospheres.

"Dark energy," says the artist, "you are the light of all things." And the title of the work refers to that energy present throughout the universe but that nobody has ever been able to measure, despite being the only explanation for the accelerated expansion of the cosmos. Like her, the songs from the new album of El Petit de Cal Eril traverse the musical universe "to generate, around them, an unstoppable gravity force". Let yourself be attracted by the dark energy that comes out of the Pons galaxy.

Artur Tort: keyboards, Dani Comas: bass, Ildefons Alonso: drums, Jordi Matas: guitar of 12 strings and keyboards, Joan Pons: voice and guitar.
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Friday 20 September
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Friday at 01:30 p.m.

Free entrance