Concert: "Homage to Pau Riba” dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Avinguda de la Catedral, 1
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fri 23 · 22:00
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Tribute to Pau Riba

"Pau Riba és un nom carregat de significats i per això tan complicat de definir. Obres tan vastes i riques com la seva són lentes de digerir. En un concert amb músics i poetes de la seva corda, viatjarem per les seves cançons, no les més conegudes, sinó les més estimades. Perquè en Pau era infinitament més que Dioptria o que la resposta lúcida d'una entrevista. Cançons inèdites, tendres, profundes, plenes de l'amor senzill, on reivindicarem un Pau genial lletraferit, creador de cançons i a favor de la humanitat”.

Oriol Sauleda

The Catalan music scene wouldn't be what it is without Pau Riba, a musician, writer and something of a 20th-century Renaissance man, who was incredibly active almost until his death in 2022. So he certainly deserves a big party, a musical celebration that brings his friends and family together. Riba is considered the father of Catalan rock, and released seminal albums such as Dioptria I and Dioptria II, that were a landmark in the history of pop, rock and folk in Catalan, Transnarcís and Astarot Univers d’herba. As he took Bob Dylan (who considered lyrics and music to be part of a single whole) as a model, he was not accepted by some of the Setze Jutges who were keener on the forms of the chanson. He ended up being a rara avis, even on the Nova Cançó scene, within which he was a free spirit. He was a poet when he wrote and a poet when he composed songs such as Taxista, L'home estàtic, Noia de porcellana, and Marga Margura, as well as songs as vitriolic and provocative (despite their superficial banality) as Licors, and more recently Un matí de dissabte with the Orchestra Fireluche.

Riba the musician and Riba the writer, descendants of big names in Catalan politics and literature, come together in this big party that will be paying tribute to him at this year’s La Mercè, a one-hundred-per-cent festive show where you’ll be able to see some of those artists who shared the stage with Pau Riba during his long career. A celebration of Pau the poet that none of the many people in Barcelona who have been influenced by the artist’s poetry and music will want to miss.

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    Avinguda de la Catedral, 1

    Ciutat Vella

    el Barri Gòtic

    08002 Barcelona

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