Concert "La Casa Azul". dins de "Música Mercè"

La Casa Azul (Barcelona; electropop / indie pop / disco).

"It could be worse", "The end of eternal love", "Never was nobody able to fly" ... These are some of the songs that are part of The Great Sphere, the new album of the musical project led by producer Guille Milkyway. New album? In fact, he prepared a first version in 2013, but now Milkyway and his musicians deliver the final. By crushing and re-influencing how he only knows, Milkyway aims to erase the boundaries between indie and mainstream, and uses and manipulates the most diverse styles in a kind of deadly leap that offers addictive results.

The newest, after almost eight years of silence, on the one hand that has been a very prominent reference of pop and electropop, an invention of a producer of sunshine pop that found five members for his band and goes Start producing small jewels of an almost perfect pop with them. Now, Milkyway relives his love for the disco sounds in the new album of "La Casa Azul" and the emparenta with the urban music of our time. This must be heard!
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Friday 20 September
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Friday at 9:30 p.m.

Free entrance