Concert "Miki Nuñez" on ELS40 stage dins "Les ràdios de la Mercè"

Carrer de Martí i Franquès, 1
Day and time
sun 25 · 21:35
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Miki Nuñez (pop-rock)

A few years ago, an artist from Terrassa with rigorous musical training came to our attention in a TV talent contest, playing a song called La venda which was heard all over the world. He soon started to record albums, such as Amuza (2019) and Iceberg (2020), full of energetic, optimistic songs. He has already started recording new songs this year, including 10 minutos, a fun pop song with a powerful refrain and a lot of catchy lyrics which give a nod to various generations.

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    Carrer de Martí i Franquès, 1

    Les Corts

    la Maternitat i Sant Ramon

    08028 Barcelona