Concert "Pau Riba i De Mortimers: Dioptria50", dins de "Música Mercè"

Pau Riba i De Mortimers: Dioptria50 (Catalonia; rock / psychedelia).

If someone wrote a rock encyclopaedia in Catalonia, he should dedicate a volume to Pau Riba and a chapter on the album "Dioptria", which appeared in two volumes in the years 1969 and 1970 and marked the beginning of psychedelia in our house. Does anyone imagine how innovators should be, at the time, songs such as "Taxi driver" or "Static man"?

Half a century later, his creator is accompanied by the band "De Mortimers" to play them again, in a concert that addresses nostalgic and new generations that recognize in Riba a precursor of bands today such as The same "Ran Ran Ran" or "El Petit de Cal Eril".
High in the category of cult musician, Riba was the father, with Sisa and Jordi Batiste, of the so-called rock Laietà, and is considered an advanced musician in his time. Perhaps that is why, in 1970, the doors of the Palau de la Música and the Gran Teatre del Liceu were closed, where he would have wanted to present Dioptria ... putting a car in the center of the stage and using it as a one more instrument. The album was finally presented at a mythical concert, in a room that was mainly the boxing scene, the Price. The space, which was located next to the round of San Antonio, disappeared shortly after, in 1973.

Pau Riba: voice and guitar, De Mortimers (Noé Escolà or Lia Queralt): keyboards, Oriol Liñan: voice, Moisès Queralt: drums, Marçal Guasch: guitar, Maus: guitar and voices, Jsu: bass and voices.

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Friday 20 September
Fridayat 10:00 p.m.

Free entrance