Concert: "Santa Salut: Discordia" on "Espai Mediterràniament" dins de "La Mercè és Música"

Pg Marítim del Bogatell, 80
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fri 23 · 01:45
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Mediterràniament Stage

Santa Salut: Discordia (Catalonia; hip-hop)

A girl from Sabadell went to a cock fight one day and decided that her vocation was to compose verses. She published her own work Conversaciones internas in 2018, with highly acclaimed works such as Bala perdida and other creations from a social and feminist perspective, set to highly energetic rhythms. Now she is a name to contend with on the rap scene and in other musical genres where her work is to be found. The LP is entitled Discordia and is based around hip-hop, but with moments of funk, R&B and neo-soul. This conceptual album has twelve songs, divided into three parts alluding to Heaven, with delicate and dreamy sounds, to arrival on Earth with a series of bold songs showing the fun side of the artist, and finally a fall into Hell which takes the musical form of a drill and an old-school rap constituting the hardest tracks on the disc. Oasis, La minifalda, Together and Cha are just some of the songs on a diverse and varied disc, currently being performed live on the artist’s Discordia Tour.

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    Pg Marítim del Bogatell, 80

    Sant Martí

    el Poblenou

    08005 Barcelona

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