Concert "Tarek Yamani Trio", dins de "Música Mercè"

Tarek Yamani Trio (Lebanon; jazz / afrotarab).

This artist is rooted in Lebanon, but lives in New York and makes jazz. You will hear, in trio format, playing, on the piano or on the keyboard, songs that, from jazz, recreate the Arab tradition, and result in a sound called Afrotarab. Listen to it and you will make a musical journey impregnated with oriental rhythms that begins in Egypt and Iraq in the early 19th century and ends in New York today. In 2017 Peninsular sent, a disc in which it experiences with the quarter of tone, a type of sonorous interval proper to the Arab musical tradition.

Winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Composers Competition in the U.S., Tarek Yamani has become a global star of music, which acts both in the USA and in Korea or in Europe, a continent that now lives with its musicians. He, however, stays in close ties with Lebanon, where, since 2013, he is actively involved in the Beirut Speaks Jazz, an annual event in the Lebanese capital, which, during one night, artists from rock scenes, rap, tarab, pop and blues from Lebanon explore new territories from the sounds of jazz.

Tarek Yamani: Piano, Elie Afif: Acoustic Bass, Khaled Yassine: Battery.

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Friday 20 September
Fridayat 10:30 p.m.

Free entrance