"Crims artístics: Assassinat de cambra” treasure hunt

Age 14 and over.

Participants on this itinerary will have to solve a closed-room murder: how did it happen? What was the motive? Who was the killer?

This activity of ingenuity, where art, criminal habits of the time and literature come together, was written by Raquel Gámez Serrano, the detective-novel writer.

Owing to health recommendations, we at the museum do not hand out printed materials. Download the material at home from: www.museunacional.cat/ca/activitats/crims-artistics-assassinat-de-cambra.

You can check the access conditions and special safety and prevention measures for Covid-19 on the website for the venue itself. Participation in most of the activities requires prior booking through their organiser’s webpage.

From Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 September
Day Time Price
Wednesday to Sunday 10 am - 8 pm

Free Admission