"El Gusto” concert, part of "Mercè Music"

El Gusto (Algiers; chaâbi)

The producer Safinez Bousbia discovered by pure chance the unique history of a music group that brought together Arab and Jewish performers to play Algerian chaâbi, traditional music that appeared at the end of the 19th century and which is regarded as a precursor to today’s Raï. It’s a rhythm that straddles the line between Andalusian music and flamenco, with lyrics that break free from the conventions of religion. The multicultural band stopped performing long ago, but Bousbia brought their story to big screen in 2012 and reunited them, half a century later, in a musical experience that got many thinking of a kind of Algerian-style Buena Vista Social Club. Original members and new generations of players willing to ensure that the experience doesn't end with their parents make up today’s El Gusto. Make the most of it and see them live in Barcelona, because some of the performers have already announced they’ll only be making one tour. Jewish and Arab musicians playing together... inside a Catholic cathedral!

Saturday 22 September
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Saturday 12.15 am

Free admission