Espectacle "Mouhawala Oula (First Try)" a càrrec d'Alexandre Paulikevitch, dins del "MAC Festival"

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Alexandre Paulikevitch: Mouhawala Oula (First Try) (Beirut)

All audiencesAfter studying theater and dance in Paris, this exceptional artist returned to his city, Beirut, to do what few would dare to do: question stereotypes of gender. He does it dancing (an act that, in his case, becomes a politician) pieces like this one that was his choreographic debut (the title means "First attempt"). It is a good example of baladi, a style of dance from the Egyptian popular culture that the women of the field originally danced.

Layale Chaker: violiniste & composer

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From Friday 20 to Monday 23 September
Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sundayat 9:45 p.m.

Free entrance