Exhibition "El Pi in festivals. 25 years reclaiming the Sant Josep Oriol Festival’

The exhibition deals with several aspects of the 425 years of Sant Roc Festivities in Barcelona's La Catedral neighbourhood. A view from the year 1519 when Barcelona proclaimed saint Roc a patron saint, from 1563 when the Consell de Cent [Council of One Hundred] made a city vow to the saint, and from 1589 when local residents from La Catedral neighbourhood founded the Confraria de Sant Roch de la Plassa Nova fraternity and started celebrating the festival, looking back at the various celebrations held for four and a quarter centuries up to the present day, with Sant Roc festivities established as a festival tradition and heritage throughout Barcelona.


From Friday 11 to Wednesday 30 September
Day Time Price
Tuesday to Saturday
except 24 September
25 September
26 September
10 am - 1 pm and
4 pm - 7 pm

Free Admission

except on 27 September
11 am - 2 pm