Frequently Asked Questions


When exactly is the La Mercè festival?

Besides the opening ceremony on the afternoon of 23 September, there are events scheduled for the Mercè on 24, 26 and 27 September.

Are these events free of charge?

Like every year, all the events are free of charge. This year, due to the pandemic, it will be necessary to reserve tickets.

What time will festival events take place this year? Will there be any evening/night-time events?

Events will only take place between from 11 am to 10 pm.

What format will this year’s concerts have?

The concerts will last about an hour. There will be sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening. Events will always finish at 10 pm.

Where will the concerts be taking place?

Consult the venues where concerts are set to take place using this link.

Can food/drink be consumed or brought to the venues hosting La Mercè events?

In order to follow the anti-Covid 19 protocols and for reasons of hygiene, no food or drink may be consumed at venues, except when it is absolutely necessary for those with special needs. The venues used for the La Mercè 2020 festival will not have a bar.

What will the pyromusical event be like this year?

Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding this year’s La Mercè festival, and with the aim of avoiding large crowds of people as well as maintaining social distancing, the fireworks will be set off at four different locations.
This means it will be a great show for the public. People will be able to watch from balconies, terraces and windows. People will be able to hear the soundtrack to the event played on Catalan Radio and Television Corporation channels.


When can tickets be reserved?

There will be a staggered reservation period. You can make a reservation on different days depending on the event:

BAM concert reservations: As from Tuesday 8 September (two tickets can be reserved per person per day).
BAM Cultura Viva concert reservations: As from Tuesday 8 September (five tickets can be reserved per person per day).
Mercè Música concert reservations As from Wednesday 9 September (two tickets can be reserved per person per day).
Cultura Popular activity reservations: As from Monday 14 September (five tickets can be reserved per person per day).
MAC activity reservations: As from Monday 14 September (five tickets can be reserved per person per day).

Reservations for the planned events will open in stages as the activities are presented over the next few weeks. Each person identified by a valid email address will be able to reserve on the website or La Mercè 2020 app. As regards festival day, everyone will be able to make one reservation for a concert (BAM, BAM Cultura Viva and Mercè Música) and one for the rest of the events (Mercè Arts de Carrer street events or the traditional arts events)

How are places reserved?

To make a reservation, access the La Mercè website: or the La Mercè 2020 app, and search for the event you want to attend. Clicking on the ‘Reserve tickets’ button will bring up a form to make your reservation. On the form, state the number of tickets required, your name and surname, email address and a mobile number for the person making the reservation.

Once you have finished this process, you will receive an email with a booking voucher, with all the tickets you have requested. These vouchers must be shown (preferably in digital format, although they can be on paper) to access an event.

In the event that there are no tickets left for an event, this will be indicated on the event page.

How many tickets can I get? Can I come with family and friends?

For the Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) and Mercè Música events, everyone identified by a valid email address will be able to make a reservation for a total of two tickets.

For the Mercè Arts de Carrer street events, Cultura Popular and BAM Cultura Viva events, up to five tickets will be available per person.

Can I reserve tickets for all the events I want to see?

No. Per festival day, each person can only make reservations for concerts (BAM, BAM Cultura Viva or Mercè Música), and reservations for other events (Mercè Arts de Carrer or Traditional Arts) according to the maximum number of places allowed in each case indicated in the previous question.

Can reservations only be made online?

Reservations can be made online at the website or using the La Mercè 2020 app.

Those without internet access will be able to reserve tickets by phone by calling 933 161 038 (Monday-Friday, 10 am to 3 pm). Please remember that, in order to avoid crashing the service, it is requested that only citizens without internet access or who are unable to access mobile apps use it.

Can tickets be reserved by email?

No. Reservations will not be accepted by email.

How will entry to venues be managed during the La Mercè 2020 festival?

In the confirmation email for reserved tickets, the time doors will open and close at events and the start time for shows will be included. Doors will open between half an hour and one hour prior to the start of shows, depending on the venue. However, it is recommended that you be at the venue a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of the event or concert.

What if I am unable to get tickets for any of the La Mercè events?

Even if you have not managed to reserve any tickets, you can really get a taste of the festival through Mercè en obert. This includes some of the events; they will be available for viewing on the La Mercè, betevé and Barcelona Cultura websites. Other events will be shown on betevé - the official communication channel of the La Mercè 2020 festival. Tune in if you haven’t been able to reserve any tickets or if you simply prefer to experience the festival from home.

If I have tickets for a La Mercè 2020 event and for some reason am unable to attend, can I cancel them?

Yes. Just access the event page on the website or mobile app and click on the option ‘Cancel tickets’. In order to do this, you must have the email address you used when reserving the tickets and the reservation code which can be found underneath the QR code on the ticket itself. Remember, the cancellation will affect all tickets included in the same reservation.

This option will be available both if there are places available or if tickets have run out. We ask that out of respect for the other event goers, you cancel your tickets if you are unable to attend an event. This way, we can issue tickets to someone else.

What should I do if I lose a ticket?

If you lose a ticket, you can access it again on the event page that you will find on the website or the mobile app. Click on the option ‘Recover tickets’.

It is essential that you give your email address and the reservation code in order to recover your tickets.

If I have tickets for a concert or event, what protection measures should I take?

When you receive your confirmation email, you will see that basic protection recommendations are set out: mandatory use of a face mask, arrive with plenty of time to allow for staggered entry, maintain a safe distance of 2 metres where there are queues to get into an event, as well as inside a venue. You can check out all the information on the

Do I have to carry a paper ticket with me?

You can have the ticket in printed form if you like. However, it is better from the health and safety side of things if you have it downloaded on your mobile phone. Remember to have it to hand when you enter a venue.

If I don’t have a ticket, can I still attend a concert or event?

No. Try to have a confirmed ticket by reserving on Without a ticket, you won't be able to access any of the events in person. All the events have limited capacity in order to comply with the health and safety measures for social distancing and to guarantee the traceability of those attending. For this reason, there will be checks on entry and validation of tickets carried out at all the organised events. It is important that everyone acts responsibly both for themself and for everyone around them to make the La Mercè festival safe for everybody.

What can I do if the tickets have run out for all the events?

If you don't have any tickets, you can consult the + Mercè events, a wide range of initiatives organised by cultural associations for La Mercè. You can also follow the Mercè en obert events shown on the La Mercè, betevé and Barcelona Cultura websites, as well as televised on betevé - the official communication channel of the festival.

How can I resolve any incidents relating to tickets?

CConsult the information above on cancelling tickets. If you have an incident of any kind and need to get in touch with us, you can send an email to

For more information on cancellations and ticket recovery, see "How will entry to venues be managed during the La Mercè 2020 festival?" and "What if I am unable to get tickets for any of the La Mercè events?"

Will I find information on the website regarding availability in real time for tickets?

Yes. The event page will show a button to reserve tickets. If tickets have run out, the button will change with a message indicating that there are no tickets left.

If an event makes more tickets available due to cancellations, this will automatically be reflected in the reservation button message.

How will access for people with reduced mobility work? Will it be necessary to mention this when reserving tickets?

Capacity limits and social distancing rules mean that this year it will be impossible to make a specific reservation for citizens with reduced mobility. People with reduced mobility will share the same space as other citizens. Each venue will have an assistance service in order to guarantee social distancing. All La Mercè venues are accessible, except for the Ca n’Altamira gardens.

How will access for people coming with prams or pushchairs work?

If you come with a pram or pushchair, you should note that many of the festival venues have a specific area where you can leave them.

If I attend a La Mercè event with minors, do I need to reserve tickets for them too? From what age?

Yes. It is essential to reserve tickets for all minors over the age of 2 years old. It is a requirement as children over the age of 2 require their own place.


Where can I find information on the La Mercè festival?

Consult, , where you will find information on each day’s programme, times, venues, event types and district where they will take place. You can also consult the description section for each event for more detailed information.

You can reserve tickets to attend festival events from the website but you can also consult all the information on Mercè en obert regarding each event (from the opening ceremony and concerts to traditional and street art events) which will be shown online or on betevé - the official communication channel of the festival.

There will be general information relating to La Mercè 2020 on the ground floor of the Palau de la Virreina, Oficinia Ciutadana de la Cultura (City Culture Office) . You can get in touch in the following ways:
• Call 933 161 000
• Call 010
• Send an email to

If I have tickets, how can I get real time information on any possible incidents?

You can follow us on our Telegram channel @lamerce2020. If you follow the La Mercè Telegram chancel, you can stay informed about everything relating to the events or any incidents that may occur. This channel is mainly aimed at people with tickets and provides up-to-date information.