How the online reservation system for the La Mercè 2020 activities works



Due to the special circumstances derived from the Covid-19 health emergency, this year, attending the La Mercè festivities in person will only be possible by making an online reservation for individual activities.

How to make a reservation

1. Check the La Mercè programme and select the activities that you are interested in.

2. If you wish to attend the BAM Festival concerts, you can request a reservation starting on 8 September. If you wish to attend the Música Mercè concerts, you can request a reservation starting on 9 September. If you wish to be in the audience for the Mercè Arts de Carrer [La Mercè: The Arts in the Street, part of the MAC Festival] or attend the traditional cultural activities, you can request a reservation starting on 14 September.

3. Remember that for each day of the festivities, you can only request tickets for one performance in the two La Mercè areas of activity (Música Mercè or Mercè The: Arts in the Street/traditional cultural activities).

4. Children over 2 years old also need a reservation, so they have their own personal space. In addition, those under 18 must present an authorisation from their parents or legal guardian and be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the premises.

5. When you request tickets for one of the festival’s performances, you must provide your email address. If there are spots available, you will receive an email confirmation. This information will allow us to contact the participants who attended each of the activities, ensuring that contact tracing is possible if the Covid-19 protocol is activated.

6. When you make a reservation, you can do so under your name for up to two people for a concert and up to five people for the traditional cultural activities, MAC Festival, or BAM – Cultura Viva.

7. The email confirmation you’ll receive will serve as the admission ticket for you and other people attending the activity with you. Keep this email and bring a digital copy of it on your mobile phone.

8. If you need to cancel the reservation, once you’ve received the confirmation, go to the activity’s page on the website Log in, even though it says that the venues are full, using the email address you used to make the reservation.



Limitations and requirements:

1. These measures are being implemented to ensure a safe and civil La Mercè celebration and they require the utmost cooperation of the citizens.

2. Please respect the safety rules, which include the use of masks and keeping a minimum safe distance from other people. You must follow the instructions provided by those in charge of the festivity spaces at all times.

3. Companion animals are not allowed in the La Mercè festivity areas (except for guide dogs).

4. We do not recommend accessing the festivity spaces with drinks.

5. The festivity spaces will not offer cloakroom services.

6. Arrive on time: once the doors to the spaces have been closed, new participants will not be admitted, even if they have tickets.

7. If due to force majeure you cannot attend the shows or activities you have tickets for, you can allow someone else to use your reservation. However, please help us ensure the traceability of the attendees, so that we can contact them if the Covid-19 protocol needs to be activated.