“InSomnio” from the company "Teatro do Mar", part of the "MAC Festival”

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Teatro do Mar (Portugal): InSomnio

Physical theatre, aerial acrobatics, video projections, music composed specifically for this piece... These are the tools used by this veteran company, a highly prestigious formation in Portugal, founded in 1986 by its artistic director, Julieta Aurora Santos. The languages used by the Portuguese company are multiple, but it uses them to talk about the same thing: lack of sleep as a symptom of a social disease, a lack of communication and loneliness, something which affects all of us. An intense, dynamic and multidisciplinary show that tells us about our daily lives and which projects a lucid look inside our souls.

A Portuguese company set up in 1986 explores new artistic territories with a multidisciplinary setting that mixes physical theatre, aerial acrobatics, video and music. Teatro do Mar use contemporary language along with an unconventional narrative to take a visual and sensual drama to the stage that reflects on insomnia as a symptom of a possible social disease. Come and take a stroll through a cemetery of dreams that tells us about the loneliness of human existence, our egos and an accelerated world that seems it must never stop.

“InSomnio” from the company

From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm

Free Admission