Installation: "Peus de Porc: Teatrets Mecànics" dins del "MAC Festival"

Carrer d'Aragó, 2
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Peus de Porc: Teatrets Mecànics (Catalonia; puppetry installation; all ages)

Have you ever played arcade games? Have you ever played with glove puppets? Now you have the chance to combine the performing arts with play at Teatrets Mecànics, an attraction that brings together the mechanics of the amusement arcade and the magic of puppetry. Because in this open-air games room you will find vertical machines with a retro feel and levers for moving the two puppets that pop out at the top. 

And as soon as they show their faces a stick appears, and they start hitting each other with it. For each “teatret”, or “little theatre show”, there needs to be two players to take charge of the levers that control each of the puppets’ movements, and try to win the match and put on a good show. 

Teatrets Mecànics has been created by Xesco Quadras, an artist who puts his engineering knowledge at the service of creativity. In “Peus de Porc” he revolutionises the world of puppetry with innovative propositions that have won prizes at Feten and at the Lleida puppet fair, as well as at other key events in the genre.

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