International Pyrotechnic Festival, part of "The festival of light and fire"


Grupo Luso Pirotecnia (Lisbon)
A great pyrotechnic group based in Lisbon but with a presence in half the planet is taking part this year in the fireworks festival of Barcelona's Festa Major. They will be offering us a sample of the spectacles of light and fire that have already seduced spectators in Europe, America and even the continent where gunpowder was invented, Asia. Come along to the beach, lie out on the sand and look up, the show’s about to start.

Nazih Tabbara Fireworks (Lebanon)
With over 120 years of history, it is said by its managers to be the fireworks company that brought this art to the Arab countries. It all has to be put down to Darwishe Tabbara who, in 1890, created the first factory in Lebanon and introduced a universe of colours and explosions of sound to the Arab world. Various generations of the family have steadily innovated in their creations to the point of producing today’s spectacles of fire that will leave you breathless. See for yourself with the fireworks show that they have prepared for this year’s La Mercè.

International Pyrotechnic Festival, part of

From Friday 21 to Saturday 22 September
Days Times Prices
Friday and Saturday 10.00pm

Free Admission