“Joan Garriga i el Mariatxi Galàctic: El ball i el plany” concert, as part of "La Mercè és Música"


Joan Garriga i el Mariatxi Galàctic: El ball i el plany (Catalonia; rumba / fusion).

This musician from La Garriga became famous everywhere with the band he founded, Dusminguet, and the group he was the soul of for many years, La Troba Kung-Fú. With them he hybridised and revolutionised the rumba and music heard in the streets of Catalonia, aided by his diatonic accordion and American rhythms such as cumbia. He has recently collaborated with various musical projects, this time with El ball i el plany, recorded between 2019 and 2020 and mixed at the height of the lockdown; his career has reached a turning point. He premières a group made up of Marià Roch on bass, Rambo on drums and Madjid Fahem, the guitarist of Manu Chao and La Ventura. He embarks on a musical journey with them (they like to say that they are ‘a rumba group from El Vallès’), that goes from Mediterranean habanera and rai, to the Latin sounds of the Caribbean, Jamaican reggae and dub and the sounds of northern Mexico.

Saturday 26 September
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Saturday at 6 pm

Free Admission

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