"La Boia + Gaüc", as part of the MAC Festival

Robert Gobern Company: Majordoms i minyones del Palauet Albéniz (Catalonia)
Butlers and maids at the Palauet Albèniz (Catalonia)
If you visit the Palauet Albéniz during the festa major festivities, you may have to queue for a little while, but we can tell you right now that you will not regret it, because you will be in particularly fun company: a team of very resourceful professional maids and butlers. Will they lay the table or put on a concert? Come and see them and you’ll find out.

La Boia Teatre: El viatge més bonic del món (Barcelona)
[The loveliest journey in the world] Three colour stains escape from the painter Joan’s workshop. They want to see the world and fill it with life. They travel to the city by sea, leaving a trail of colour behind them and radically transforming everything. But the painter is following close behind, because he needs them. Together, they will finally manage to create The loveliest picture in the world. This is exactly the title of the story by Miquel Obiols which this children’s show is based on. Puppets and visual theatre succeed in creating a magical world that all children will want to dive into.

Madame Gaüc: Fil (Catalonia)
Reality or fiction? Reason or emotion? Two characters, played by Raimon Mató and Maria Palma, embark on a game of tension and balance to depict a set of images which will gain them the complicity of the audience. A poetic, reflective and intimate show about human relationships that starts from physical language to create a mix of contemporary circus, dance and theatre.

From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September
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Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 5 pm - 7 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required