La Mercè respira a la via Laietana

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If you want to imagine for a moment how it would be a Barcelona without cars, you do not have to look for a machine of time to travel to the future: you just have to come to the Laietana road.

Sustainable mobility and air quality: these are the two concepts that inspire the Day without Cars, a series of activities that tell us about tomorrow's cities, which will have left behind the most polluting forms of transport and bet on the quality of life of its citizens.

The activities of the Day Without Cars are concentrated for the second consecutive year on the Laietana route, this year all day. Come on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, because this Barcelona street will be cut to traffic from end to end throughout the Sunday, September 22nd. Surely you like to see this Barcelona-wide route about one kilometer long, absolutely free of vehicles and, especially, of the smoke they produce. Instead of cars, you will find a green space for recreation and recreation for citizenship, where, besides a lot of tranquility, you will find everything from fun activities that invite you to meet again with the asphalt Otherwise.

Concerts, venues, workshops and spaces dedicated to the creation, and even a "corner", a "corner of the choir" from which you can get to know your views before the rest of the citizens and citizens. Between Plaça d'Urquinaona and Plaça d'Antonio López, everything will be organized for recreational and awareness-raising activities that will invite us to think about how the ideal city should be.

La Mercè breathes everywhere
You will see that, in each space you visit, you will be proposing challenges designed to make you imagine a safer, more peaceful and less contaminated city. This is how most Europeans and Europeans would want their cities to be. It is no coincidence that the Day without Cars is part of the European Mobility Week that, from September 16 to 22, fills this type of proposals in various cities of the continent.

It is a question of the fact that people of any age can be the protagonists of the city above the private motor vehicle, that citizens discover how to live in a city without cars and in a public space, friendly, safe and comfortable to give back the role what he deserves It is, in short, to turn Barcelona into a "pedestrian city".

The environmental issues are basic in the activities you will see on the Laietana route, but also in some activities and shows of the Mercè Arts de Carrer festival. Very close to the Ciutadella Park, you can see two. One is Jojo, an assembly of the company Ytuquepintas. They draw projections on sand projected on a big screen and tell us about the danger of disappearing from the great apes. The other is the proposal Labyrinth, of the Luzinterruptus, an angry maze made with the plastic that every day fills ours waste bin.

Remember, also, that during the party the beaches of the city are the scene of some proposals that go from the sport competitions to the International Pirotecnic Festival and some concerts. In all these activities, be careful to keep the spaces in the best conditions. And remember that, wherever you go during the Mercè festival, you should avoid drinking drinks in glass containers. Is the way to achieve a cleaner party ... and more secure!

Activities at Via Laietana

Inclusive activities

Way of the senses

Walk with your bare feet on different materials and textures.

Street games

Enjoy playing on the street and rediscover traditional and sustainable games.

Checkmate and mat

Test your strategy by playing chess in the middle of the road.

Table games

Add to any of the dozens of simultaneous games of board games. There are games that you do not even know!

With the collaboration of the DAU Festival in Barcelona

Gimcana for accessibility: Try accessibility to or from the Jaume I station

Information point of Plaça de l'Àngel (exit of metro Jaume I)

11-13 h

The Commission of people with functional diversity of the Old Town uses invites to make a circuit for the metro station Jaume I, to try to experience the accessibility measures, celebrating the inauguration of the new lifts.

The circuit, in a wheelchair and antifocus and blind posts will end Vigatans resistance.

The residence of Vigatans, of persons with a great physical disability of the APIP-ACAM Foundation, and the Amputats Sant Jordi Association are led by the activity.

Cia. Pasos Impares: Alter Ego

Via Laietana - Scenario

5.30 pm Cia. Pasos Impares - Dance integrated with the piece Alter Ego


Setmana Europea de la mobilitat

Translated by google La Mercè respira a la via Laietana

Sunday 22 September
sundayfrom 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Free entrance